• Initiate and Encourage Environmental Concern.

plant life effects on insects, birds, animals, humans

  • Encourage Creativity.

shapes, colors, textures, aromas

  • Encourage Healthy Living.

variation of fruits and vegetables providing valuable nutrition

  • Teach Sustainability at its’ earliest stages.

ways to honor, support and cooperate with nature

  • Teach to Recycle

existing products like egg cartons can be used for growing in containers

material such as cloth or nylons can be used to secure climbing plants

  • Teach to Compost

using Natural waste products such as Egg Shells, Manure, and Leaves to
Fertilize plant Life, Not Land Fills

  • Sharing this experience together, Strengthens family/teacher bond

plants, similar to children, flourish with proper nurturing

  • Provide a hands on educational foundation for the Full Circle of Life

from Seed, to Plant producing Seeds

  • Provide opportunity to Share with the Community and Create a Sense of Pride

produce given to shelters, churches, families