The Greenville Fun In Gardening

Dedication and Founder BIO:
In Memory of:

Santo S. Passanisi 
November 24, 1921 - December 19, 2011

My Grandfather; had influenced a true passion in me for fresh fruits and vegetables. To this day, 
nearly 40 years later, I can still visualize walking across the street to pick from a neighbors field of 
Snow Peas or driving roadside in search of Wild Asparagus with him. As life went on, 
we must have shared a million conversations about Plants, Food, Fishing, or the Weather : ) 

Heritage: Father from the South and an Italian Mother. Life revolved around Food, from Beans and Cornbread with Canned Hot Peppers from the garden, to Stuffed Artichoke and aroma of Homemade Sauce that would fill the entire house on Sundays! 

Here from the Lake Erie Shores of Ohio since just after Christmas of 2009. 
Planting Snow Peas and able to wear merely jeans and a t-shirt on the second week into January, 2010; behind the house with my six year old daughter, made for an exciting adjustment to the Southern climate of South Carolina.

Between explaining to my Real Estate Instructor (a very Proud Southerner), how to “re-plant” her 
Native Poke Salad (aka Poke Weed) and various conversations with others interested in Gardening;
I’ve realized I may be able to share some things that are very special to me.

Current focus: Everything I can, to assist an elementary school build on its’ existing concentration between Garden and Cafeteria. And hopefully extend Fun In Gardening to other schools.